To commemorate the 200 year of our Church, and also to augment the need for more space, a magnificent new Church was build adjacent to the old Church in 2008. The new Church was inaugurated by the Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore diocese, Rev. Dr. A.M. Chinnappa and consecrated by Rev. Dr. Neethinathan, Bishop of the Chingelput Diocese on 12-07-2012. This new church adds credit to Rev. Fr. Augustine Devadoss active ministry. Our Lady of Mount Carmel's statue is behind the altar of the shrine church and for many years it is believed that prayers are answered for those who go around the altar thrice and spend time in earnest prayers. This is proved through the numerous testimonies of people who received the blessings and healings

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Grotto

This grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel is as beacon of light, hope and strength for those who wholeheartedly seek our Lady's intercessions at this sacred spot.. Thanks to generous contribution by Mr. Augustine Charles Levizzo (USA). This splendid grotto was built and on 16.06.2013, blessed and inaugurated by Rev. Dr. Ambrose.. A statue of Prophet Elijah is placed on the left side of the grotto to reflect the importance of Mount Carmel in Elijah's evangelization journey

Bell Tower

The 53 feet tall bell tower is a landmark, summoning the faithful to worship and sign of announcing gospel to everyone. This shrine bell tower displays three different themes across the ground, mid and top levels.
The top level depicts the theme of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the mid level is fashioned after God's angels protecting the village of Kovalam and in keeping with the theme of God's love, and the ground level depicts the sacred heart of Jesus. The Bell tower is symbolization of call to worship and in fact is a place of worship in itself. The bell tower houses a 270Kg bell crafted in Poland. The images of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Our Lady of Scapular are artistically etched on the bell along with the name of the shrine and a brief history of the same.

Home for the aged & Hostels

The Mount Carmel mission & Shrine, apart from spreading the word of God, also contributes enormously towards multiple social causes. Home for the aged men in the campus is committed in providing love, care and peace of mind to the elders. There are hostels for students whose families live under the poverty line (for boys and girls separately). These facilities are sponsored by the Cuomo Foundation, Monaco and function under the supervision of the Ðiocese of Chingleput. Cuomo Foundation also recognizes and rewards the outstanding students by giving higher education scholarships.

Bon Secours Convent :

The congregation of Bon Secours landed in Kovalam in the year 1901. The contribution with regard to the field of Education and Social Service has to be recorded in the pages of history. In order to secure the life of the old aged women, the home named “St. John D'Britto old aged home for women” stands as a life giving institution which is also awarded by the Social Welfare Department in the year 2013.


The Scapular was given to Simon Stock by Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the year 1251, with the words saying this is “My Scapular”. Those who wear this will get rid from all the evils and from all the dangers that follow. Those who travel through overseas will be guarded by this Scapular. They will be free from sin and will receive all the heavenly graces. In order to remember this, during the feast of Mount Carmel the devotees will receive the blessings by wearing this scapular from the priests.

The Shrine of Kundrukadu

The Grotto at Kundrukadu is a part of Mount Carmel Church. It is located nearly ECR Boat house and a Banyan tree is a hallmark of this “Shell type Grotto”. Our Lady of Mount Carmel stands at the ECR Entrance to welcome all the Pilgrims. In the year 1999, Rev. Fr. K.M. Thomas, in remembrance of his Silver Jubilee to Priesthood built this remarkable Grotto


Education is the backbone for any society's growth and sustainability. The Mount Carmel mission runs three Roman Catholic Schools through which a th child can complete the entire schooling from LKG to 12 Std. After we are continue only witnessing the achievements and success of our Students. The medium of instruction is Tamil and English and these schools are considered prestigious and well known for academic excellence and discipline. It started as a primary school in 1898 and now it provides quality education for about 3400 students.

Mary Help of Christians Church

Mary help of Christians Church is located along the east coast road that leads to Pondicherry, about five kilometers from Kovalam, in a village called Vadanemmeli. It has been the branch parish to Mount Carmel Mission, Kovalam since 1894. The Church's first Eucharistic console was installed and consecrated at the very first second of 2015, thereby marking a new beginning in people's Christian way of life, devotion and faith sacraments. Faith, demonstrated by the parishioners has been a true inspiration to th hundreds of devotees. The feast is celebrated on 24 May

Carmel Waves

We currently live in the age of social media, ultra-modern gadgets, where news is delivered in multiple formats across multiple devices, across boundaries with the speed of lightning. Print and digital media play a vital role in spreading news. By the blessings of Rev. Dr. Neethinathan, Bishop of Chingelput diocese and by the persistent efforts of the Rector & Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Lawrence Rajesh the Mount Carmel Mission's first ever th newsletter was published and launched on 19 July 2014. The newsletter includes content in various categories like spirituality, society, education, family, medicine, human rights, career, etc., and carries the good news across different countries as well.